School Counselor Corner

School Counselor's Corner
Ms. Christina Sabbides

To all families and students, this page is designed to house different resources that you might need, but also as a way to communicate directly with the School Counselor, Ms. Christina Sabbides.

*Ms. Sabbides would like to remind you that if your child was receiving mental health services, please follow-up with that counseling agency to ensure that your child continues to receive mental health services during this time. Many agencies are utilizing telehealth services now. If you would like more information about counseling referrals for students, please email Ms. Sabbides, the School Counselor at Forsyth Woods Elementary School, at [email protected]

The list of resources will be updated as needed, so check back often with us for more information. Just click on the red underlined name of the website to access the site.

COVID-19 Community Resources
A list of different resources that take care of basic needs, such as food, rent, financial needs, etc.

Child Mind Institute
a website that has a lot of different resources that can be shared with teachers and families about COVID-19, and also has the option of being translated into Spanish.

Ms. Christina Sabbides' Website
This website is also mobile compatible and has a Spanish translation option. Any student and family with access to a digital or mobile device could utilize this website for wellness and mental health resources and activities.

Google Form to Communicate with Ms. Sabbides
Fill this form to communicate with Ms. Sabbides. 

Aunt Bertha
This is a search engine where families can search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more. Search is based on zip code and results are available in a variety of languages.